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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.1 / JANUARY – MARCH 2009

[ LTO MEMORANDUM ORDER NO. ACL-2009-04, March 23, 2009 ]


It was observed during the 2nd Phase implementation of the Motor Vehicle Inspection System Program that there is a need to issue a more rationalized guidelines and/ or criteria that would serve as guide in the selection of the prospective lot and/or site for Motor Vehicle Inspection (MVIC) Building in every Regions of the country.

In order to facilitate and expedite the acquisition of MVIC lot in every Region and to avoid unnecessary delay in the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Inspection System Program in its 3rd Phase and succeeding phases, the following criteria for lot acquisition are hereby set for the guidance of all concerned:

1. The lot must be registered in the name of the vendor free from any liens and encumbrances with the following documents:

1.1 Original Certificate of Title
1.2 Latest Tax Declaration
1.3 Latest Tax Clearance
1.4 Original lot plans/survey signed by the Geodetic Engineer
1.5 Topographic survey of the lot used as reference to the elevation of a point in the center line of the national highway along the frontage of the lot.
1.6 Price assessment of the lot from the City/Municipal Assessor’s Office
1.7 Zonal Valuation
1.8 Vicinity Map

2. The lot must be quadrilateral in shape (Four Sided). The average elevation of the section of the lot shall be more or less the same as that of the elevation of road centerline along its frontage. Cutting and backfilling shall not be allowed. Unnecessary engineering intervention for soil protection and any cost for landslide mitigation and soil erosion must be avoided.

3. The lot ground surface must be stable and must be free from possible soil erosion. No natural drainage such as ditches, dikes or channels running across and/or bisecting any section of the lot.

4. The proposed location must have available data communications link, local water system and 3-phase supply of electricity.

5. The lot must be located along the national highway and within the area of jurisdiction of the District Office/Regional Office concerned. The proposed MVIC lot should be within 5 km radius from the existing District Office/Regional Office.

6. The vendor shall shoulder all expenses relative to the transfer of TCT from vendor to LTO including sales/capital gain taxes.

7. Lot area requirements and frontage measurements must be as follows:

Lot Area Requirement
10,000 SQ.M.
60 Meters
8,000 SQ.M.
45 Meters
6,000 SQ.M.
45 Meters

Further, the Regional Director should submit at least three (3) lot proposals in accordance with the above requirements (1-7)

Attached are the approved Regional Clustering/Grouping (Annex A[*]) and the standard format (Annex B[*]) to be accomplished by the Regional BAC when evaluating proposals for lot acquisition. The accomplished form, together with the Regional Director’s recommendation, shall be submitted to the Chairman, Special Bids and Awards Committee for evaluation and recommendation for the approval of the undersigned.

All previous issuances inconsistent herewith are hereby deemed superseded. For guidance and strict compliance.

Adopted: 23 Mar. 2009


Assistant Secretary

[*] Text Available at Office of the National Administrative Register, U. P. Law Complex, Diliman, Quezon City

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