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[ DECS ORDER NO. 76, s. 1998, August 11, 1998 ]


1. The importance of international travel for the education and overall formation of the youth cannot be gainsaid. In particular, it is strongly felt that international travel broadens the social and cultural perspective of the youth and develops in them a sense of patriotism and nationalism.

2. The Department of Education, Culture and Sports supports and is committed to assist certain existing and on-going international student exchange programs such as the Youth for Understanding, Rotary, American Field Service and similar exchange programs, which all work to foster world understanding while at the same time contribute to the individual development of the young men and women who participate in it.

3. There are certain prescribed school requirements that should be clarified in order to assist student-participants and to further strengthen the student exchange programs in the pursuit of their laudable objectives. Among others, parents of exchange student-scholars have complained that some schools are hesitant or totally refuse to admit or readmit returning participants to their institutions after their studies abroad citing the following reasons:

a. student’s inability to meet the deadline for the enrollment period and/or opening of classes; and

b. inability to present complete school records during registration period.

4. For the information and guidance of private schools the following guidelines are hereby issued relative to the admission or readmission of exchange student-participants/scholars under the sponsorship by the Youth for Understanding, Rotary, American Field Service and similar exchange programs:

a. Regardless of the individual student’s placement, his year’s study abroad will be regarded as equivalent to a year’s academic load which will make him eligible for admission to the next higher year;

b. Parents/guardians may be allowed to register or enroll the returning participants during registration or enrollment period for each school year before the student’s return to the Philippines on the basis of such available records issued by the foreign schools concerned which would be accompanied by a certification from their respective exchange program agencies;

c. Exchange student-participants shall submit their complete transcript of records and other required school credentials upon returning to the Philippines, for evaluation by their respective schools and the Department of Education, Culture and Sports;

d. Exchange student-participants shall be allowed by their respective schools to enter classes not later than June 24; and

e. Absences in class of exchange student-participants shall be considered excused before June 24 or subject to corresponding make-up work as provided for in the school rules and regulations.

5. The cooperation and assistance of all private schools on this matter, for the furtherance of the goals of the student exchange programs, is earnestly requested.

6. Immediate dissemination of this Order is directed.

Adopted: 11 Aug. 1998


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