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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.2 / APRIL - JUNE 2009

[ CDA OFFICE ORDER NO. 2009-04, March 23, 2009 ]


Pursuant to Article 144 of RA 9520, otherwise known as the “Philippine Cooperative Code of 2008”, the Cooperative Development Authority hereby issues the following Procedural Guidelines in the RE-REGISTRATION of cooperatives.

SECTION 1. Scope - This procedural guideline shall cover step-by-step procedures in the RE-REGISTRATION of cooperatives in compliance with RA 9520 and MC issued for this purpose.

SECTION 2. When to Register - Qualified cooperatives may file application for re-registration from March 22, 2009 to March 23, 2010.

SECTION 3. Who May Register - All registered and confirmed cooperatives with the Authority regardless of types and categories in compliance with RA 9520. Cooperatives that have been cancelled or ordered dissolved are disqualified to re-register.

SECTION 4. Where to Register - All application for Re-Registration of primary and secondary cooperatives shall be filed at the concerned CDA Extension Office (EO) where the cooperative was registered. Tertiary and special types of cooperatives shall file their application at CDA Central office.

However, cooperative that has officially transferred its operation and principal office to another region shall re-register in the EO that has jurisdiction over their present principal office address.

SECTION 5. Requirements - All qualified registered and confirmed cooperatives shall submit the following documents to the nearest Extension Office of the Authority, to wit:

1) photocopy of certificate of registration or certificate of confirmation including certificate of amendment/s if applicable;

2) photocopy of registered articles of cooperation including registered amendment/s;

3) photocopy of registered by-laws including registered amendments;

4) original copy of latest (2008) audited financial statements; and

5) Registration Fee of Php200.00.

SECTION 6. How to Register - The applicant needs to have on-line/internet access to fill-up application form and secure notification with checklist of requirements to complete the re-registration process.

After securing the notification and checklist on-line, all required documents for Re-registration of cooperatives should be filed at the concerned CDA Office where the cooperative was registered.

SECTION 7. On-Line Procedures - To be able to use the web-based Re-Registration process, a cooperative must have a 10-digit Cooperative Identification Number (CIN) issued by the Authority. The following steps shall be followed in accessing the Re-registration System:


1. Getting Started

Visit and click the Re-Registration link. The link will take you to the Re-Registration site.

2. The Cooperative Identification Number (CIN) page

Enter the CIN on to the CIN field and click OK. A cooperative was issued a 10-digit CIN by the Authority that has jurisdiction over it. Make sure that the correct CIN is entered.

3. The Application Form page

If you have entered the correct CIN, you will be directed to the Application Form page. However, if the cooperative is tagged as non-operating, a notification can be viewed online directing the applicant to proceed to the concerned CDA Office for further evaluation of its status. If Form is displayed, enter the following information as discussed below:

General Information Section

Name of Cooperative
Enter your latest amended Name here. Capitalize only the first letters.

Enter your BIR TIN if available.

Contact Person
Enter the name of the coop’s primary contact person. Capitalize only the first letters of first and family name.

Enter the designation of the Contact Person. Capitalize the first letter.

Mobile Number
Enter the mobile/cellphone number of the Contact Person.

Telephone Number
Enter the landline number of the coop including the area code.

Street Address
Enter ONLY the street address (number, name of street, barangay)

The region field is locked because it is pre-determined by your CIN. For example, if your CIN was issued by Region 1, the default value of the Region field would be Region 1.

Sub Category/ Type
Select the cooperative type from the dropdown list.

Select the province where your coop is located. Once you have selected a province, the page will refresh automatically which means that the appropriate Districts have been loaded to the District dropdown list. You will experience a flicker but this is normal. The flicker also depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Select the district where your coop is located. Once you have selected a district, the page will refresh automatically which means that the appropriate cities/municipalities have been loaded to the City/Municipality dropdown list. You will experience a flicker but this is normal. The flicker also depends on the speed of your internet connection.

Select the city or municipality where your coop is located.

Email Address
Enter a valid email address.

Total Assets
Enter your Total Assets as of December 2008.

4. Submission

After completing the Application Form, click the Submit button. A pop-up will then appear containing the Notification for re-registration and instructions for next actions. Print the message for reference.


1. For Operating Cooperative

1.1 The CDA Staff shall receive the documents submitted by cooperative applicants.


1.2 Sr. CDS will Sign-in to the Re-Registration Page

1.3 Open submitted records and validate the entries using the requirements submitted by the cooperatives

1.4 If there are no problems, click SUBMIT button.

1.5 If there are problems, inform the cooperative immediately. Proceed to the next record.

1.6 Sign out once finished.

Supvg. CDS

1.7 Supvg. CDS will Sign-in to the Re-Registration Page

1.8 Open submitted records and review the entries using the requirements submitted by the Sr. CDS

1.9 If application is in order, click SUBMIT button. To generate the new registration number the Supvg CDS shall click GENERATE button.

1.10 If there are problems, inform the Sr. CDS immediately. Proceed to the next record.

1.11 Sign out once finished.


1.12 Sr. CDS will Sign-in to the Re-Registration Page

1.13 Check for re-registered cooperatives, print three (3) copies of the New Certificate of Registration (CoR) by using the MS Word template connected to the EOs database. CoR copies to be distributed, as follows:

Original - Cooperative
Duplicate - CDA Extension Office
Triplicate - CDA Central Office

1.14 Prepare Order of Payment and attached to the Certificate.

1.15 Affix initial in the Certificate and forward to the Supvg. CDS.

Supvg. CDS

1.16 Affix initial in the Certificate and forwards to the Area Cooperative Director (ACD).


1.17 Affix initial in each of the 3 copies of the Certificate of Registration and return the same to the Registration Unit. If the Area Cooperative Director is out on official travel/leave the initial of Supervising CDS will suffice.

Registration Releasing Staff

1.18 Direct applicant to pay first to the Cashier.

1.19 Record Official Receipt Number, amount paid, and date paid in the duplicate certificate.

1.20 Stamp CDA dry seal and release the certificate to applicant after signing receipt.

2. For Non-Operating Cooperatives


2.1 Verify the specific instruction in the submitted on-line printed notice or the reason for non-operating status.

2.2 Evaluate the reason in determining the non-operating status. Formally advise the applicant to comply the requirements to justify reclassification into operating cooperative.

2.3 Applicant must submit proof of operation to the satisfaction of the CDA Unit concerned which need prior written approval of the Area Cooperative Director (ACD). The following documents may justify reclassification to operating cooperative: audited financial statement as of 2008, minutes of the general assembly meeting, copy of Certificate of Good Standing for 2007 0r 2008.

SECTION 7. Certificate of Registration (CoR) - The Certificate of Registration shall be printed using the MS Word template connected to the EO database, with the CDA Chairperson’s electronic signature, and printed on the paper to be prescribed by the Central Office.

SECTION 8. Establishment of Re-registration Assistance Center (RAC) - All EOs shall establish Re-registration Assistance Center (RAC) responsible for providing assistance to applicant cooperatives especially in accomplishing re-registration application form.

The Center must be separate from the Registration Section provided with stand-by personnel and computer unit with on-line accessibility.

Provincial CDS are likewise encouraged to establish RAC in their respective area of jurisdiction in coordination with the Local Government Unit/Cooperative Sector to facilitate all application for re-registration at the provincial level. This will prevent clogging of applicant at the EO level.

SECTION 9. Report Generation - All EO designated Management Information System (MIS) Staff shall generate from database monthly statistical report and master list of re-registered cooperatives.

The Central Office MIS shall also generate monthly reports from re-registration database containing the said reports above covering nationwide information.

The master list shall contain only the cooperative name, address, re-registration number, and date of registration. The generated reports shall be submitted to the Chief of Registration Unit or Chief of Registration Division not later than every 5th of the month starting May 2009. The reports shall be maintained and compiled as back-up hard copy files of re-registered cooperatives.

SECTION 10. Effectivity - These Guidelines shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 23 March 2009


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