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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.2 / APRIL - JUNE 2009

[ MARINA CIRCULAR NO. 2009-04, March 13, 2009 ]


Pursuant to the relevant provisions of Presidential Decree No. 474, Executive Order No. 125/125-A, and Republic Act No. 9295, and in accordance with Section 5, Republic Act No. 9485 or the “Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007”, the MARINA Telephone Hotline and SMS are hereby established.


1. To facilitate the reporting of maritime-related violations due to non-compliance of international conventions, national laws, circulars, rules and regulations, complaints, grievances, and observed suspicious or illegal /unlawful activity on board Philippine-registered domestic ships.

2. To provide supplemental tools that would further enhance the enforcement functions of the MARINA in order to achieve a higher rate of compliance with applicable maritime laws, rules and regulations, policies and other issuance.

3. To provide mechanism by which the clients of MARINA may adequately express their complaints, comments or suggestions.


This Circular covers all reports of non-compliance, maritime-related violations, complaints, grievances, observed suspicious or illegal / unlawful activity on board Philippine-registered ships, comments, suggestions and other types of maritime-related issues communicated through the MARINA telephone hotline and/or short messaging system (SMS).


1. Complaint / Grievance – refers to an expression of discontent/dissatisfaction against an unjust act.

2. Maritime violation – refers to non-conformity or non-compliance to applicable maritime laws, rules and regulations, policies, and other issuances.

3. Suspicious Illegal/Unlawful Activity – refers to any behavior that is indicative of a potential security threat to a ship or person.


1. All concerned individuals are strongly encouraged to report non-compliance, maritime-related violations, complaints, grievances, observed suspicious or illegal/unlawful activities on board Philippine-registered ships as well as feedback, comments, suggestions, recommendations, and requests for assistance, through the MARINA Telephone Hotline No. 2985 (AZUL). AZUL shall be accessible to all SMART, GLOBE and SUN cellular subscribers.

2. The MARINA SMS 2985 (AZUL) customer care service can also provide news, updates, and other information to its partners, suppliers, clients, and the public at large.

3. The MARINA telephone hotline and SMS service shall be available and dedicated to receive or accommodate calls or reports or feedback 24 hours a day.

4. All domestic ship owners or operators and ship Masters are required to post or display the MARINA Hotline posters in conspicuous places on board their ships and terminals for the information of crewmembers and passengers.

5. All port authorities are enjoined to provide billboards of MARINA Hotlines in their compound visible to all domestic ship owners or operators, ship Masters and passengers.

6. Information provided by the callers, particularly those reports relating to non-compliance, maritime-related violations, complaints and grievances, shall be treated as confidential.


1. When making a report of non-compliance and maritime-related violations either thru call or text, the caller/texter shall provide, whenever possible, the following information:

a. The nature of non-compliance or violation
b. The company or person(s) involved in the non-compliance or violations
c. The name of the ship
d. Any evidence that is available
e. Date, time, & location the non-compliance or violation was committed

2. The MARINA SMS service 2985 does not need any form of registration for reports of any maritime violation. Any individual may text through MARINA< space >< name/message > and send to 2985.


MARINA Juan dela Cruz/MV MARINA overloaded passengers for Manila-Boracay trip, Jan 25 2009 2pm.

This message will receive an automated reply from MARINA.

3. Any individual may also text MARINA< space >HELP to 2985 to receive instructions in using the service, and other relevant information.

The HELP keyword will receive the automated reply, as follows:

MARINA: We are glad to be at your service! To send your comments, suggestions, complaints, and other concerns, just text MARINA < NAME /YOUR MESSAGE> and send to 2985.

4. Anonymous reports particularly those which are supported by adequate information and documented evidence shall be acted upon, while those with no pertinent details or which are stated in a very general manner and not directed to a specific person or action shall be outrightly disregarded.

5. Reports or complaints/grievances that suggest substantial violations of laws, rules and regulations shall be investigated promptly to determine their veracity.

6. Each report or feedback received shall be properly acknowledged, and shall be assigned a reference or case number. The MARINA hotline texters/callers may be given another number to use if they call again to supply additional information or to inquire about the progress of the investigation. The reporting persons shall be properly advised of the action taken until the final resolution of the matter.

7. Each valid report shall be forwarded to the MARINA deputized agent designated in the area for proper action and upon verification of the violation, the MARINA deputized agent shall text back 2895 (AZUL) to confirm the report.

8. Each individual who sends a complaint or report of maritime violation/s through SMS 2985 (AZUL), duly validated by a MARINA deputized Agent, shall be entitled to a reward of P50 worth of cellphone load.


Domestic shipowners or operators and ship Masters that failed to post or display MARINA Hotline posters in conspicuous places on board their ships and terminals shall be subject to the following administrative fines:

First Offense - P10,000.00
Second Offense - P20,000.00
Third Offense - P30,000.00


All MARINA Circulars, rules and regulations and issuances inconsistent herewith are hereby amended or repealed accordingly.


This MARINA Circular shall take effect on 23 March 2009 after its publication once in a newspaper of general circulation.

Adopted: 13 Mar. 2009

By Authority of the Board:


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