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[ OWWA MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 011 s. OF 1998, August 28, 1998 ]


In the interest of the service and in view of contributing to the upliftment of the situation of working children of overseas  Filipino workers (OFWs) faced with hazard and risk, the following policies and guidelines are hereby prescribed for the implementation of the Sagip-Batang Manggagawa Project:

I. Nature of the Project

The project is provision of scholarship either in primary education for six (6) years and in secondary education for four (4) years. in case attendance to formal school is not possible, there shall be an alternative intervention dfor acquisition of literacy education. It is an intervention of OWWA to give underprivileged dependents of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) an opportunity to go back to school.

A complementing package of technical assistance and an optional credit facility under the livelihood program of OWWA shall be made available to the families of targetted beneficiaries.

II. Objectives

The project intends to provide primary and secondary education to the target beneficiaries  and to assist their families to engage in livelihood activities as a means to support their other needs.

III. Entitlement

Children Overseas  Filipino workers (OFWs) aged 6 to 17 engaged in hazardous jobs and who could not afford to go to school are entitled to avail of the scholaeship. A child beneficiary may avail of a maximum of six (6) years in primary education or four (4) years in secondary education which shall be determined upon entry of the beneficiary to the scholarship program.

The scholarship can be availed only once.

IV. Mechanics for Implementation

A. Scholarship Priveleges

The project shall cover the actual cost of tuition fee in a government school, books including school project materials and uniform allowance not exceeding P2, 000 per year and monthly allowance of P1, 000.

B. Selection of Scholars

B.1 Should belong to a household whose annual income is P76, 000and below or subsistence family;

B.2 Physically fit; and

B.3 Passed the DSWD Pstcho/Social Test.

C. Preparatory Requirements to Sxholarship

C.1 Attendance to review/literacy class with optional skills training.

C.2 Evaluation/Assessment of DECS or school on the entry level of scholars to formal education.

D. Manner of the Grant of Assistance

The tution and miscellaneous fees of the scholars shall be paid directly to the concerned educational intitutions. On the other hand, the ROUs shall manage the disbursement of funds for special package in providing literacy activities subject to approval of the management.

The allowance shall be given directly to the scholar provided he/she attends the minimum number of days required each month or training duration. On the other hand, the ROU Supervisors will be responsible in the procurement of books including other school materials and uniform of the scholars.

E. Payment of Tuition Fees and Other Allowances

Payment of all school matriculation and allowances to scholars shall ber based on the following conditions:
E.1 For Scholars in Formal Education
E.1.1 Tutition and Miscellaneous Fees

-submission of certificate of enrollment from the school

-submission of an authenticated photocopy of his/her grades at the end of each grading period/school year

E.1.2 Books, School Materials and Uniform Allowances

-submission of list of books including other school materials required by the school and specifications of the school uniform
The ROU shall distribute the books including school materials for project and uniforms to the scholars.
E.1.3 Monthly Stipend

-submission of monthly attendance report from the school
The ROU shall be responsible in the disbursement of monthly allowances in a manner most beneficial to the scholar.

E.2 For Grantees Attending Review/Literacy Class
E.2.1 submission of admittance slip from trainer
E.2.2 submission of attendance report
The ROU shall pay the outright allowance direct grantee. On the other hand, the miscellaneous expenses of the grantee shall be paid to concerned private/government entity upon presentation of a billing statement.

F. Documentary Requirements for Submission

1. accomplished application forms/scholarship agreement (2 sets)
2. 1" x 1" I.D. picture (2 copies)
3. Proof of overseas employment
4. Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar or any proof of relation to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

G. Optional Livelihood Assistance

After the evaluation of the ROU on the standard of living of the scholar's family, it shall:
G.1 orient and avice the qualified family on the identification of viable livelihood projects and optional funding source; and

G.2 link and tap other private/government agencies which may provide technical assistance or optional credit facility.
V. Administration

The project will be implemented by the Field Service Office (FSO) through the Regional OWWA Units in fifteen (15) regions. It will be undertaken in close coordination with the Bureau on Women and Young Workers (BWYW) and the Regional Offices of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Coordination shall include using available listings and services of BWYW and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and other non-government organization (NGOs) involved in child labor project.

Likewise, the ROU may also establish working relations with the DSWD representatives, Local Government Units (LGUs), and concerned NGOs.

VI. Monitoring and Evaluation

The Plans and Programs Office shall conduct the overall monitoring and evaluation in coordination with the Regional OWWA Units (ROUs) of the Field Service Office (FSO) for project improvement.

For scholarship, the following shall be observed:

a. The scholar shall submit to the ROUs the enrollment report a week after enrollment and the official copy of grades one (10 week after the end of each grading period.

b. The ROUs shall submit to the Regional Operations Coordinating Center (ROCC) a regular report on the progress of the scholar's grades, problems they encountered, plans after completing the education. In turn, the ROCC shall furnish PPO a copy of said report.

c. The scholar shall submit his/her report card after the end of each school term.

For other package, the Regional OWWA Unit (ROU) shall submit a monthly report and aterminal report upon completion of the project.

VII. Effectivity

This Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 28 Aug. 1998


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