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[ OWWA MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 012 s OF 1998, August 28, 1998 ]


In view of the policy of the national government to attain the food security of the country and as OWWA's contribution to help the poor but deserving overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their dependents, the following policies and guidelines are hereby prescribed for the implementation of the Training Assistance Program on Food Production for OFWs and their dependents:

I. Nature of the program

The Training Assistance Program on Food Production for OFWs & Dependents is a free training focusing on food production and agricultural technology which covers tution fee and monthly allowance. Likewise, it will be complemented by technical assistance and an optional credit facility for those who will go into livelihood projects.

II. Objective of the Program

The program aims to grant 358 training slots to poor but deserving OFWs and/or their dependents with the end view of alleviating their economic conditions.

III. Entitlement

Low income OFWs or any one of their qualified beneficiaries residing in the seventy-seven (77) provinces and in the National Capital Region who are willing to go into food production projects. Preference will be given to into food production projects. Preference will be given to those who have the potential to engage in a livelihood undertaking.

IV. Mechanics for Implementation

A. Scope of Coverage

The training grant shall cover vocational/technological courses in Food Production and Agriculture.

B. General Criteria for Eligibility

The training program is open to all deserving OFWs and their dependents who belong to a household whose annual income is P76, 000 and below or subsistence family.

C. Training Grant Privileges
C.1 Tutition Fees and Allowance

a. Actual cost of tuition fees from P3, 000 but not to exceed P20,000 per person depending on the course duration.

b. Allowance of P1,000 per month (to include transportation, training materials, etc.)
D. Manner of the Grant of Assistance

The tutition and other school fees shall be paid directly to the school subject to the maximum rate allowed by the program.

The outright allowance shall be released directly to the grantee provided he/she attends the minimum number of days required per month.

E. Documentary Requirements for Submission
1. Accomplished application forms (2 sets)
2. 1" x 1" I.D. picture (2 copies)
3. Proof of Overseas Employment
4. Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)
5. Copy of Birth Certicate, if applicant is dependent
F. Training Slot

Three Hundred Fifty-Eight (358) training slots shall be given to qualified OFWs or their dependents. Four slots will be given to each province and fifty (50) slots to the National Capital Region.

G. Course Offerings

The courses covered by the training program are those in the field of Agriculture and Food Production. Said courses shall either have a duration of two (2) weeks, six (6) months or two (2) years.

H. Training Cener/Schools

State universities/colleges/private school/government training centers offering courses in Food Production and Agricultural Technology shall be tapped to provide technical training to OWWA grantees.

V. Payment of tuition fees/Allowance

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) shall pay for the cost of tuition fees, allowances, etc.

All payments shall be subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

VI. Administration

The Field Service Office (FSO) through the Regional OWWA Units (ROUs) shall implement the program. The Plans and Programs Office (PPO) shall be responsible for the preparatory activities in implementing the training grant.

Likewise, OWWA shall coordinate with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in the identification and monitoring of the performance OWWA grantees and coordination with Local Government Units and state colleges and universities and government training centers in the smooth implementation of the training program.

VII. Monitoring and Evaluation

The Plans and Programs Office shall conduct the overall monitoring and evaluation in coordination with the Regional OWWA Unit (ROUs) of the Field Service Office (FSO) and other government and private entity program improvement.

For training grant, the following shall be observed:

a. The scholars shall submit to the ROUs the enrollment report a week after enrollment and the official copy of grades one (1) week after the end of each semester or a course.

b. The ROUs shall submit to the Regional Operations coordinating Center (ROCC) a regular report on the progress of the grantees' grades, problems they encountered, plans after the course. In turn, the ROCC shall furnish the PPO a copy of said report.

c. The scholar shall submit his/her report/class card after the end of each school term.

VII. Effectivity

This Order shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 28 Aug. 1998


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