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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.2 / APRIL - JUNE 2009

[ OWWA MEMORANDUM OF INSTRUCTIONS NO. 003, S. OF 2009, March 18, 2009 ]


Pursuant to Department Order No. 95-09. Series of 2009, and to ensure that adequate information is provided to all departing household service workers, the following guidelines for the implementation of Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) are hereby issued:

I. The Program

The Comprehensive Pre-Departure Education Program (CPDEP) consists of a four-day Seminar to be provided to Household Service Workers (HSWs) by accredited non-government organizations (NGOs) and OWWA. The NGOs shall administer the seminar on the first day, while OWWA shall handle the sessions during the succeeding days.

HSWs registered in the Mandarin Language Course will continue to undergo the usual seminar in addition to the one-day sessions with the NGOs.

II. Coverage

1. All departing HSWs who are leaving for the first time to work overseas as household service workers.

2. All HSWs who will work in a foreign country from their previous worksite.

III. Content

A. The first day sessions/classes which will be handled by the accredited NGOs shall run for eight (8) hours. They will include the following topics.

1. Migration Realities
2. Host Country Profile
3. Employment Contract
4. Health and Safety
5. Travel Procedures and Tips
6. Finance Management

The previous modules shall be provided by OWWA to the NGO PDOS-providers.

B. The second, third and fourth day shall include the courses on basic language and stress management, and other government services, including the reintegration program.

IV. Referral Procedure

1. Recruitment agencies shall refer their HSWs to NGOs-PDOS providers that are accredited by OWWA for CPDEP for the first day session. Simultaneously, they shall refer the same HSWs to OWWA for the sessions on the succeeding three (3) days.

2. After the completion of the first day seminar, the HSWs shall proceed to OWWA for attendance to the 3-day sessions to complete the requirement for full attendance to the PDOS.

3. The NGO-PDOS providers shall provide OWWA the lists of HSWs participants who have completed the first day sessions.

V. Certificate of Attendance

The OWWA shall issue the Certificate of Attendance to participants who have completed the seminar. It will provide POEA through the list of attendees for information and reference for the processing of the worker’s contract.

VI. Repealing Clause

All issuances inconsistent herewith are deemed repealed.

VII. Effectivity

This Memorandum shall take effect immediately.

Adopted: 18 March 2009


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