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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.2 / APRIL - JUNE 2009

[ PPC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 09-05, March 20, 2009 ]


Improperly filled out and non-return of Registry Return Receipts (RRR) are one of the common complaints and reason for inquiry by regular mailers/customers of Registered Mails not only in the Central Office but also at post offices. Everyone is reminded that Registered Mail is considered as the safest and most reliable service that the Corporation offers. The service is enhanced through the RRR wherein the mailers are made to pay for additional fee and therefore expect that the same will be returned on time with all the required information on it.

It has been observed also that mailers go back and inquire about the RRR at the post office where they mailed. To regain the trust of these mailers on the reliability of Registered Mails, henceforth, RRR shall be returned immediately after delivery via DEMS as follows:

a. To the Postmaster of the post office of mailing/posting - when sender is a government agency, law firm/lawyer or company.

The post of mailing/origin shall be responsible for the return/delivery of RRR to the sender. As such, the mailer shall be informed that the RRRs shall be checked/ claimed at that post office.

A notice to the mailer shall be displayed at the Registry Counter to remind the mailer as follows:

(For Government agencies, law firms/lawyers, & companies)

“ Please check for/claim your Registry Return Receipts/Cards at Window No._________”

b. To the Postmaster of the post office of delivery that has delivery jurisdiction at the sender’s address - for individuals/personal mailers

For easy distinction, we shall now be using two colors of RRRs:

a. PINK Colored RRR - for business mailers
b. BLUE Colored RRR - for individual mailers

In this connection, the treatment and delivery of RRR is hereby prescribed as follows:

I. At Acceptance Office

The Post Office of Mailing of a Registered Mail with RRR shall maintain a daily control/record of all Registered Mails posted in its office. Mailers like law firms, lawyers, government agencies and companies or regular bulk mailers of Registered Mails shall be informed to claim the RRR at their post office.

Every post office shall endeavor to get the contact number of its regular mailers to be able to call them up in case of non-pick-up of RRRs. Mailers/senders that requested to have their RRRs delivered at their address shall be entertained but their RRRs shall still be monitored. As such, the post office of mailing shall enclose all RRRs of that sender in an envelope/wrapper and mail them through Registered Mail.

The following shall be observed:

a) Make sure that the Registered Mail contains the complete name and address of both the sender and addressee. The RRR should contain the return address of sender and the Registered Number should be written on the space provided for it.

b) The name of the Post Office of Mailing shall be clearly written/rubber stamped on the upper portion of RRR for immediate distinction by the Office of Destination/Delivery.

c) The Registry Receiving Clerk or the one issuing the Registry Receipt shall make sure that Registered Mails with RRR are properly noted/marked in the Registration Book.

The Postmaster shall designate an incharge who shall monitor the return of RRR and deliver/return them to sender/mailer. A Record of all Registered Mail with RRR shall be maintained (filed in chronological order) as basis for the monitoring and control of the returned RRRs, which may be as follows:

1. Prepare a separate Sheet/Monitoring List of Returned RRRs with this format:

Registered No.
Date of return/receipt At PO of Mailing
Signature of Sender (A/Receipt)

2. To avoid double recording, the Post Office may use for monitoring the transmittal slip/mailing list provided by mailer posting bulk registered mails, or

3. Extra copy of the Registration Bill Book Inner Bill which clearly marked Registered Mails with RRR.

Returned RRRs shall be checked/marked in the Monitoring List. When the RRR has not been returned after 30 days from the date of mailing, the Postmaster or his designate, shall notify/make a follow-up to the destination post office to know the status of the mail (for RTS, hold etc.) or return may have just been neglected.

Any post office that failed to return the RRR where sender complained of not receiving an RTS after being followed up shall be reported to the Office of the Asst. Postmaster for Operations indicating all the particulars of mailing and disposition of the subject Registered Mails.

The sender/mailer shall sign in the Acknowledgement Receipt for the returned RRR.

d) In recording Registered Mail with RRR for dispatch, the letters “RRR” shall be written immediately after or under the Registered Number in the Inner Bill/Registry Book (ex. 123 RRR or 123/RRR.)

II. At the Mail Processing Office, CMEC and MDC

a. The complete Registered Number, including the letters RRR for those attached with RRR shall be so captured and indicated in the Record of Dispatches/Inner Bill. This is to serve as guidance and alert the delivery post office of its obligation to return the same to the post office of mailing (for business/bulk mailers) and to the post office of delivery (for individuals or personal mails).

III. At the Destination/Delivery Post Office

a. Recorders at the Local Registry Section/Unit (Incoming Mails) of the Delivery Post Office shall make sure that the Registered Numbers of Registered Mails with RRR are properly recorded and identified.

b. Releasing Clerks of Registered Mails shall advise the Letter Carriers to return to them the RRRs immediately after delivery.

RRRs shall be followed up and collected from Letter Carriers when the RRRs have not been returned after three (3) days from the date of release.

The Chief or Incharge of the Local Registry Section/Unit shall be responsible for the return/mailing of RRRs to the Postmaster (of the post office of mailing for business Registered Mails or to the post off ice of delivery for individual/personal Registered Mails.) via DEMS. Each envelope/wrapper shall be noted “RRR/s.”

c. The destination/delivery post office shall be able to reply on the follow-up of the post office of mailing/origin regarding delivery status of Registered Mails. When the RRR has been lost or misplaced by the post office, a Delivery Certification shall be immediately issued without requiring any fee from the sender.

Regional Directors, Operations Directors, Postal District Managers, and Postmasters are enjoined to effect widest dissemination of this Order and ensure compliance by all concerned.

The concerned Postmaster and the designated incharge shall be held liable in case of complaint due to non-compliance of this order.

White RRR may still be attached to Registered Mail of Individual mailer, until the stock is consumed, and the old Pink RRR for business mailer.

All previous memoranda/orders issued in conflict herewith are hereby revoked accordingly.

This Order shall take effect on April 15, 2009.

Adopted: 20 March 2009

Postmaster General and CEO

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