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(NAR) VOL. 20 NO.2 / APRIL - JUNE 2009

[ PPC MEMORANDUM CIRCULAR NO. 09-04, March 26, 2009 ]


Our attention is being called by foreign postal administration regarding the improper filling-up or non-attachment of CN-22 on Small Packets and of CN-23 on Parcels. In this connection, all concerned are directed to implement the mandatory use of CN 22 for Small Packet and CN 23 for Parcels pending reproduction of CP 72.

Attachment of CN-22 and CN-23 is MANDATORY and it shall be properly attached on the items.

Postal tellers/receiving clerks of small packets and parcels shall see to it that the following is observed and complied with:

1. All small packets are attached with CN-22. Each CN-22 shall contain an itemized listing of the contents of the small packet and its actual acquired/purchased value. Writing should be clear and legible:

2. All Parcels, air or surface, shall be attached with CN-23. Each CN-23 shall contain all the information needed as follows:

a. Complete name and address of sender and addressee
b. Weight and amount of postage paid on parcel.
c. Itemized listing of contents with actual purchased value of each. Items shall be properly declared and legibly written. If the content of the parcel is valuable, the original receipt/invoice shall be enclosed.
d. The sender’s instruction in case of non-delivery of the item at the country of destination shall be also indicated, i.e. Treat as abandoned in case of non-delivery; RTS in case of non-delivery, return postage will be paid by upon delivery of RTS, etc.
e. Signature of sender/mailer.

3. Only English (and French) language shall be used in filling-up CN-22 and CN-23, Tagalog or other dialect is not allowed.

Postal District Managers and Postmasters shall see to it that this order is disseminated and all the tellers and receiving clerks are informed/oriented.

Compliance is enjoined.

Adopted: 26 March 2009

Postmaster General and CEO

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