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(NAR) VOL. 16 NO. 3 / JULY - SEPTEMBER 2005

[ PHILHEALTH CIRCULAR NO. 24, S. 2005, September 15, 2005 ]


In consonance with PhilHealth reconciliation efforts and in compliance with Sec. 237, Chapter II of the National Internal Revenue Code of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, accredited health care facilities and providers are strictly required to issue PhilHealth with official receipts (O.R.) of their Medicare reimbursements effective October 1, 2005.

Mode Reimbursed byPrescribed Mode of Issuance of O.R.
PhilHealthto PhilHealth
Check payment received through mailSend through mail/ submit personally/ have it
 hand-carried by authorized representative.
 May initially issue provisional receipt (P.R.)
 and, later, issue corresponding O.R. upon
 pick-up of succeeding checks.
Check payment picked-up by authorizedBoth OR/PR should indicate the check number/s,
representatives from PhilHealth officedate and the corresponding amount/s received.
Professional fee (PF) paid through Await receipt of professional Fee Pay-ment Notice
Auto Credit System(PFPN) from PhilHealth. Thereafter, submit O.R.
 as mentioned above, indicating the amount
 and the date it was credited.
 For verification, physicians are advised to confirm
 their Balances with Landbank through Express
 Net ATMs regularly.

Note: For government health care faciilties, the Republic of the Philippines O.R. (Accountable Form No. 51) should be issued.

All O.R.s must be submitted to PhilHealth within 30 working days from receipt of payment/reimbursement by accredited health care providers. For O.R.s submitted through mail, the date of reckoning shall be the date stamped as received by the post office. A system shall be instituted/installed at PhilHealth Regional Offices and Service Offices to monitor compliance herewith which may affect future reimbursements from the Corporation.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 15 Sept. 2005

Office of the President and CEO

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