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P.B. No. 1276 / 80 O. G. No. 10, 1460 (March 5, 1984)

[ BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. 386, April 14, 1983 ]


Be it enacted by the Batasang Pambansa, in session assembled:

SECTION 1. The barangays of Bunog, Iraan, Punta Baja, Capung Ulay, Ramsang, Candawag, Culasian, Panalingaan, Tabuin, Latud, and Canipaan are hereby separated from the Municipality of Quezon, Province of Palawan, and constituted into a distinct and independent municipality to be known as the Municipality of Marcos. The seat of government of the new municipality will be in Barangay Punta Baja.

SEC. 2. The Municipality of Marcos shall be bounded as follows:


"A parcel of land known as the proposed Municipality of Marcos, in the Province of Palawan, Luzon Island, bounded in the north along lines 11 and 1 in the Plan by the municipal boundary of Quezon, on the south along lines 2 and 3 by Sulu Sea, on the east along lines 1 and 2 by the municipal boundary of Brooke's Point, on the west along lines 3 to 11 by the shoreline of the South China Sea. Beginning at the point marked 1 in the plan at latitude 8° 59' 10" T north, longitude 117° 50' 32"; thence S 62-00W 80,750 meters to point 2; thence N 85-00W 5,800 meters to point 3; thence N 31-29E 20,670.35 meters to point 4; thence N 46-13E 8,298.46 meters to point 5; thence N 52-21E 6,137.67 meters to point 6; thence N39-14E 9,594.37 meters to point 7; thence N 37-45E 11,017.16 meters to point 8; thence N 53-08E 10,364.93 meters to point 9; thence N 41-12E 14,556.17 meters to point 10; thence N 76-02E 6,509.60 meters to point 11; thence S 48-10E 14,442.69 meters to point 12, containing an area of nine hundred seventy-seven million, two hundred sixty-one thousand two hundred square meters (977,261,200 square meters) or ninety-seven thousand seven hundred twenty-six and twelve hundredth hectares (97,726.12 hectares)."

SEC. 3. The Municipality of Marcos shall exist upon the ratification by majority of the votes cast in a plebiscite to be conducted in the areas affected within 120 days after approval of this Act.

The Commission on Elections shall conduct and supervise the plebiscite. The expenses for such plebiscite shall be paid out of local funds.

SEC. 4. The elected municipal officials of the mother Municipality of Quezon who are residents of the new Municipality of Marcos shall continue to serve their term of office in the new municipality. Vacancies in the mother Municipality of Quezon and the new Municipality of Marcos shall be filled by the President of the Philippines.

SEC. 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, April 14, 1983.

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