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P.B. No. 4169 / 80 OG No. 42, 5450 (October 15, 1984)

[ BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. 699, April 02, 1984 ]


Be it enacted by the Batasang Pambansa in session assembled:

SECTION 1. Barangays Bacjao, Burgos, Cabilisan, Calawan-an, Candugue, Canloloy, Cansaganay, Guindapo-nan, Guintamipilan, Iquiran, Mabini, Macalpe, Mandoyocan, Mayabay, Pondang, Poso, Saugan, Sua, Tuga, and Ubo, including the islets of Bacsal and Agutay, all in the Municipality of Daram, Province of Samar are hereby separated from the said municipality in the same province to be known as the Municipality of Cardinal Rosales. The seat of the municipal government shall be in the present site of Barangay Calawan-an.

SEC. 2. The new Municipality of Cardinal Rosales shall be bounded as follows:


"From the BBM No. 41 facing Samar Sea in the west portion (point 1) ; thence N 59-20 W, 1,395 M. to point 2; thence N 43-15 W, 1,150 M. to point 3; thence N 19-20 E, 1,220 M. to point 4; thence S 49-50 E, 3,000 M. to point 5, (coconut tree along Burabod Creek) ; thence N 15-30 W, 995 M. to point 6; thence S 78-30 E, 1,850 M. to point 7; thence N 35-60 W, 3,620 M. to point 8; thence S 47-30 N, 3,025 M. to point 9; thence N 66-97 E, 1,220 M. fo common point to Barangay Birawan, Talisay and Ubo (going up to the hills of Talisay) ; thence S 62-00 E, 900 M. to point 11 of Barangay Mabini; thence S 18-15 E, 930 M. to point 12 of Barangay Mayabay; thence S 03-00 E, 1,150 M. to point 13 (San Roque Creek) ; thence S 30-59 E, 3,010 to point 14 of Barangay Real; thence S 12-10 E, 1,041 M. to point 15 (Timber Land) ; thence S 88-30, 1,300 M. to point 16 of Barangay Sua; thence S 64-15 E, 1,320 M. to point 17 of Barangay Pondang; thence S 35-17 E, 1,031 M. to point 18 of Barangay Campilipa; thence N 50-50 E, 740 It. to point 19 (junction of Pondang creek to Linpundon Bay); thence S 78-30 E, 640 M. to point 20 (along Daram channel) ; thence due S 440 M. to point 21 (along Daram channel); thence N 78-15 W, 680 M. to point 22 (along Daram channel) ; thence S 28-40 E, 970 M. to point 23 (along Daram channel) ; thence S 85-35 W, 520 M. to point 24 (along Daram channel) ; thence 17-10 E, 2,232 M. to point 25 (along Daram channel) ; thence S 39-20 W, 1,450 M. to point 26 (along Daram channel) ; thence S 60-15 W, 844 M. to point 27 (along the seashore) ; thence N 81-57 W, 660 M. to point 28 (along the seashore) ; thence N 60-39 W, 2,838 M. to point 29 (along the seashore) ; thence N 19-32 W, 1,920 M. to point 30 (along the seashore) ; thence N 88-20 E, 2,804 M. to point 31 (along the seashore); thence N 08-15 W, 719 M. to point 32 (junction of Sua creek) ; thence N 75-10 W, 1,310 M. to point 33 (along the seashore) ; thence S 64-58 W, 630 M. to point 34 (along the seashore,), and thence to point 1, point of beginning being N 62-40 W, 2,470 M. containing an area of 4,000 Has. (APPROX)."


"It includes the islets of Bacsal and Agutay which are both bounded by the Samar Sea."

SEC. 3. After the approval of the creation of the Municipality of Cardinal Rosales in a plebiscite to be held in the units affected, the incumbent mayor of the Municipality of Daram, having made an option, shall be the mayor of the Municipality of Cardinal Rosales and shall hold office until his successor shall have been elected and shall have qualified. The incumbent Vice-Mayor of the old Municipality of Daram shall continue to be the Vice-Mayor of the same Municipality of Daram until his successor shall have been elected and shall have qualified.

The other elective members of the Sangguniang Bayan of the old Municipality of Daram shall make the option to continue as members in either the Municipality of Daram or the Municipality of Cardinal Rosales and such option shall be made within thirty days after the Commission on Elections shall have proclaimed the ratification of the creation of the Municipality of Cardinal Rosales in the plebiscite. Such members shall serve in the municipality of their choice until their successors shall have been elected and shall have qualified.

If no option shall have been made within the period herein specified, the position shall be declared vacant and the President shall appoint qualified persons to fill such vacancies. Other vacancies shall also be filled by the President by appointment.

SEC. 4. The Commission on Elections shall conduct and supervise the plebiscite herein provided which shall be held on May 14, 1984. The expenses for such a plebiscite shall be borne by the Province of Samar.

SEC. 5. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, April 2, 1984.

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