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H. No. 2095 / 65 OG No. 52, 14384 (December 29, 1969)

[ REPUBLIC ACT NO. 5709, June 21, 1969 ]


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

SECTION 1. Sections ten and thirteen of Republic Act Numbered Forty-five hundred seventy-two, entitled "An Act converting the Leyte Regional School of Arts and Trades into the Leyte Institute of Technology giving "It corporate existence, providing for a Board of Trustees, defining the Board's responsibilities and duties, providing higher vocational, professional, educational and technical instruction and training in trade and industrial education, offering of technological, engineering, education and other professional courses, and for other purposes" are hereby amended to read as follows:
"SEC. 10. There shall be a Registrar who shall keep records of the Institute and perform such other duties as may be designated by the President of the Institute. There shall be one secretary of the Institute who shall act as Seceretary of the Board of Trustees and keep records of the proceedings of Board meetings as well as perform such other functions as may be designated by the Board.
"SEC. 13. The compensation per annum of the following shall be fixed by law: President�twenty thousand pesos: Registrar-seven thousand two hundred pesos; one Secretary-four thousand two hundred pesos; Dean of Instruction�ten thousand eight hundred pesos; Dean of College-ten thousand eight hundred pesos; Lecturers- thirty pesos an hour; Heads of Departments-ten thousand pesos; Professors-nine thousand six hundred pesos; Associate Professors-eight thousand four hundred pesos; Instructors-four thousand two hundred pesos to eight thousand four hundred pesos."
SEC. 2. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Enacted  without Executive approval, June 21, 1969.
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