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P. B. No. 111 C. B. No. 3 / 76 OG No. 30, 5181 (July 28, 1980)

[ BATAS PAMBANSA BLG. 69, May 01, 1980 ]


Be it enacted by the Batasang Pambansa in session assembled:

SECTION 1. Barrios Bayho, Bonifacio, Cag-amesarag, Cag-aguingan, Curry, Gen. Luna, Getigo, Genaronagan, Hibonawan, Lope de Vega, Lower Caynaga, Mahipid, Magsaysay, Osmefia, Paguete, Roxas, Sampaguita, San Francisco, San Miguel, San Jose, Somoroy and Upper Caynaga are separated from the Municipality of Catarman, Province of Northern Samar, and constituted into an independent and distinct municipality of the province which shall, be known as the Municipality of Lope de Vega with the seat of government in the present site of Barrio Lope de Vega.

SEC. 2. The new Municipality of Lope de Vega shall be bounded on the Northwest and North, along lines 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15-16 by the Municipality of Catarman; on the East, along lines 16-17-18 by the Municipality of Mondragon; and on the Southwest, along lines 18-19-20-1 by the City of Calbayog. Beginning from a point called mojon located between the municipal boundaries of Calbayog and Catarman and the point of intersection to the Municipalities of San Isidro and Mondragon, being north 60 degrees 11 minutes west, 14,527.24 meters to point 1; thence north 2 degrees 28 minutes east, 3,748.98 meters to point 2; thence north 41 degrees 8 minutes east, 5,033.30 meters to point 3.; thence north 80 degrees 12 minutes east, 5,287.17 meters to point 4; thence south 54 degrees 56 minutes, east, 768.38 meters to point 5; thence south 83 degrees 45 minutes east, 580.19 meters to point 6; thence north 47 degrees 26 minutes east, 1,790.00 meters to point 7; thence south 89 degrees 26 minutes east, 2,020.29 meters to point 8; thence south 54 degrees 18 minutes east, 1,130.00 meters to point 9; thence north 85 degrees 29 minutes, east, 145.00 meters to point 10; thence south 73 degrees 00 minute east, 1,739.99 meters to point 11; thence south 33 degrees 55 minutes east, 3,722.23 meters to point 12, thence north 28 degrees 34 minutes east, 3,013,86; meters to point 13; thence south 32 degrees 45 minutes east, 2,264.23 meters to point 14; thence north 41 degrees 19 minutes east, 1,717.01 meters to point 15; thence south 82 degrees 42 minutes east, 3,514.24 meters to point 16; thence south 3 degrees 06 minutes west, 2,662.25 meters to point 17; thence south 7 degrees 21 minutes west, 12,202.57 meters to point 18; thence north 84 degrees 27 minutes west, 11,290.00 meters to point 19; thence north 60 degrees 01 minute west, 3,401.46 meters to point 20.; thence north 60 degrees 21 minutes west, 11,125.78 meters to point of beginning; containing an approximate area of twenty-eight thousand (28,000) hectares.

SEC. 3. After ratification by the majority of the votes cast in a plebiscite, to be conducted in the areas affected, the President (Prime Minister) shall appoint the mayor, vice-mayor and members of the Sangguniang Bayan of the new Municipality. The other officials shall be appointed in accordance with law.

The expenditures for holding the plebiscite, shall, be chargeable to appropriations available for the purpose provided in the budget of the Commission on Elections.

SEC. 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved, May 1, 1980.

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