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June 10, 1963


Note: The Agreement entered into force, June 11, 1963.

Reference: This Agreement is also published in IV DFA TS No. I, p. 12.

WHEREAS, the peaceful uses of atomic energy hold great promise for the people of both countries, Israel and the Philippines;

WHEREAS, the Philippine Atomic Energy Commission and the Israel Atomic Energy Commission desire to cooperate with each other in the development of peaceful uses of atomic energy in agriculture, industry, medicine, and in the basic sciences; and

WHEREAS, both commissions desire to cooperate in the full utilization of their respective research reactors for training, the production of radioisotopes, activation analysis, and other peaceful and humanitarian uses;

The parties therefore agree as follows:

1. There shall be a continuous exchange of information and experience, and mutual assistance in the planning and preparation of a detailed program for the utilization of the respective research reactors in the Philippines and Israel.

2. Both Commissions agree to exchange experts and students with the objective to train personnel for the organization and execution of programs designed to increase the benefits from the operation of their respective reactors. The expenses for the training will be as agreed upon in each case.

3. Both Commissions will share their knowledge and experience the production, preparation and distribution of short-lived isotopes to be used in medicine, agriculture, industry and general scientific research.

4. Both Commissions will share their knowledge and experience in setting up the program of activation analysis for determining quantities of important constituents in materials of practical interest. Such a program will include the techniques developed recently in Israel for the rapid and inexpensive determination of uranium and thorium in geological specimens with the aid of the reactor.

5. Representatives of both Commissions will meet from time to time and as often as the occasion requires to consider ways and means of extending the cooperation for the advancement of peaceful uses of atomic energy in their respective countries.

6. This Agreement shall enter into force on June 11, 1963 and shall remain in force until June 10, 1965, inclusive, and shall be subject to renewal as may be mutually agreed upon.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have caused this Agreement to executed pursuant to duly constituted authority.

Done at Manila in duplicate this tenth day of June, 1963.

For the Philippine Atomic Energy Commission:
For the Israel Atomic Energy Commission:

(Sgd.) F. A. MEDINA
Commissioner Philippine Atomic Energy Commission
Ambassador of Israel to the Republic of the Philippines

(Sgd.) G. T. ZARA

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