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MOP, Bk 11, v.5, 289

[ ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 123, April 04, 1989 ]


WHEREAS, a coordinating council composed of members from among the various departments, the academe and the private sector concerned with the development of science and technology will ensure the effective implementation of the report submitted by the Presidential Task Force on Science and Technology;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, CORAZON C. AQUINO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

SECTION 1. There is hereby constituted the Science and Technology Coordinating Council, hereinafter referred to as the Council, composed of the following:
Chairman- Secretary of Science and Technology
Vice-Chairmen- one representative of the private sector
 one representative of the academe
Members- Secretary of Agriculture
 Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources
 Secretary of Trade and Industry
 Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports
 Secretary of Transportation and Communications
 two representatives from the private sector
Upon recommendation of the Secretary of Science and Technology, the President shall designate the Vice-Chairmen and the representatives of the academe and the private sector who shall serve for a period of one year or until their successors shall have been designated.

The Council shall meet at least every quarter or as often as may be necessary upon call of the Chairman.

SECTION 2. The Council shall:
  1. recommend appropriate systems and procedures for the effective implementation of the report of the Presidential Task Force on Science and Technology, hereinafter referred to as the Task Force;

  2. coordinate the science and technology activities of departments, agencies, private sector organizations and the academe to accelerate science and technology utilization in accordance with the report of the Task Force;

  3. monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the Task Force and the results thereof;

  4. recommend measures to update, revise and enhance the Science and Technology Plan based on the report of the Task Force;

  5. recommend mechanisms, structures, and measures to link technology sources, intermediaries and users to hasten transfer of technology, develop the countryside, attain high productivity and increase export potential;

  6. constitute national, regional, sectoral and other sub-committees as may be necessary; and,

  7. perform such other functions as may be assigned by the President.
SECTION 3. The Department of Science and Technology and its councils shall provide staff and technical support secretariat to the Council.

SECTION 4. The Council may call upon any department, bureau, office, agency or instrumentality of the government including government owned or controlled corporations for assistance, including the provision on detail of its personnel or employees.

SECTION 5. The Department of Science and Technology shall set aside from its authorized appropriations such sums as may be necessary to support the activities of the Council.

SECTION 6. The Council shall submit quarterly reports to the President and such other reports that may be required from time to time.

SECTION 7. This Administrative Order shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 4th day of April, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-nine.

President of the Philippines

By the President:
Executive Secretary
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