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MOP, Bk 6, v.5, 161

[ ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 140, March 06, 1951 ]


This is an administrative case against Mr. I. D. Jimenez, provincial treasurer of Iloilo, who stands charged with irregularities committed in connection with the purchase, allocation, etc., of supplies, materials and equipment while he was holding the same position in Negros Occidental, to the prejudice of the province.

The record discloses that respondent acquired supplies and materials in excess of the requirements of the service for six months; that he failed to follow in certain cases the procedure-outlined for the acquisition of supplies, materials and equipment, which failure resulted in the payment of exorbitant prices; and that he purchased equipment without first obtaining, as required, departmental approval of the corresponding requisitions.

It also appears that respondent allotted to the municipalities of Negros Occcidental supplies and materials in excess of the reasonable requirements of the service; that contrary to existing regulations he charged the cost of equipment to the account for stationery and office supplies; and that despite notice given to him by the Bureau of Printing about its being in a position to supply the local governments with most of the printed forms, he continued I buying such forms from outside dealers and without I strictly following in some instances the procedure outlined for the calling of bids for the purpose, as a result of which the province paid much more than it should have paid.
Respondent’s explanation that these excessive purchases of supplies and materials were due to his desire to cooperate with the provincial administration and to preclude future shortage in case of emergency and that the irregular allotment thereof to the various municipalities had the approval of the provincial governor and the provincial auditor is not satisfactory. The instructions, on the matter are sufficiently clear, and the acquisition as well as the disposition of supplies and materials is the sole responsibility of the respondent. At least it should have occurred to him to consult the Department Head before proceeding with the acquisition of said articles. Moreover, he could have extended his cooperation without violating any regulations and with minimum loss to the province.

There is no evidence however that respondent profited personally from the transactions involved. Neither is there anything in the record that could impugn his honesty and integrity. But there is enough to show that he was too lax in the hands of dealers.

The foregoing shows that respondent has been careless and negligent in the performance of his functions as a consequence of which the province acquired supplies, materials and equipment at exorbitant prices and in-excessive quantities resulting in losses thereto.

Wherefore, respondent, I. D. Jimenez is hereby suspended from office as Provincial Treasurer of Iloilo without pay for a period of six (6) months, effective from the date of his preventive suspension. He is also admonished to be more firmed and careful in the discharge of his duties in the future and repetition of the same or similar irregularity will be dealt with more severely.

Done in the City of Manila, this 6th day of March, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and fifty-one, and of the Independence of the Philippines, the fifth.

President of the Philippines

By the President:

Executive Secretary
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