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101 OG No. 31, 5261 (August 1, 2005)

[ PROCLAMATION NO. 851, May 30, 2005 ]


Pursuant to the powers vested in me under Republic Act No. 7916, otherwise known as the Special Economic Zone Act of 1995, as amended by Republic Act No. 8748, and upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority, I, GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby create and designate as Information Technology Building, subject to the provisions of Republic Act No. 7916 as amended, its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and Resolutions Nos. 00-411 and 02-311 . dated 29 December 2000 and 26 September 2002, respectively, of the PEZA Board of Directors, a building henceforth to be known as the 6750 Ayala Avenue Building, with an area of TWO HUNDRED FORTY SEVEN THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ONE (247,151) SQUARE METERS, more or less, which stands on a 4,759-square meter lot being a portion of Lot 1 of the subdivision plan Psd-00-041503 located at San Lorenzo, Makati City, Metro Manila, as defined by the following technical descriptions:

TCT NO. 207565

A parcel of land (Lot 1, of the subdivision plan, Psd-00-041503, being a portion of Pcn-13-000266, L.R.C. Record No. 2029), situated in Barangay of San Lorenzo, Makati City, Metro Manila, Island of Luzon.

Bounded on the NE., E, SE., and NW., along lines 1 to 123 by Lot 1-B (LRC) Psd-98536 (Ayala Avenue, 42.00 m. wide); on the NE., E., SE.., S., and SW., along lines 123 to 140 by Lot 2 of the subdivision plan; on the S., along line 140 to 141 by Lot 64-A-1-B-1, Psd-44646; on the NW., SW., NE., W., and SE., along lines 141 to 152 by Lot 3 of the subdivision plan; on the SE., along lines 152 to 154 by Lot 64-A-1-B-1, Psd-44646; on the SW., W., SE., NE., E., and W., along lines 154 to 178 by Lot 2 (LRC) Psd-218105; on the NW. & SE., along lines 178 to181 by Lot 64-A-1-B-1, Psd-44646; on the SE. & SW., along lines 181 to 218 by Block 28-C, Psd-44675 (Pasay Diversion Road, 20.00 m. wide); on the SW., along line 218 to 219 by Lot 64-A-1-A-2-B-2, Psd-44646; on the SW., along lines 219 to 222 by Lot A-1, Psd-44646; on the SW., W. & NW., along line 222 to 233 by Lot 58-A-3-A, Psd-44646 (Makati Avenue, 35.00 m. wide); on the NW. & NE., along lines 233 to 246 by Lot 1-C (LRC) Psd-98536; and on the NE., along lines 246 to 254-1 by Lot 1-B, (LRC) Psd-98536 (Ayala Avenue, 42.00 m. wide).

Beginning at a point marked "1" on plan being S. 28 deg 19' W., 1718.90 m. from BLLM No. 1, Municipality of Makati, Rizal;

thenceS.55 deg.14'E.,3.26 point 2;
thenceS.55 deg.02' E.,4.52 point 3;
thenceS.54 deg.54' E.,4.52 point 4;
thenceS.54 deg.45'E.,4.53 point 5;
thenceS.54 deg.38'E.,4.52 point 6;
thenceS.54 deg.28'E.,4.52 point 7;
thenceS.54 deg.21'E.,4.53 point 8;
thenceS.54 deg.12'E.,4.52 point 9;
thenceS.54 deg.04' E.,4.51 point 10;
thenceS.53 deg.55'E.,4.53 point 11;
thenceS53 deg.48' E.,4.30 point 12;
thenceS52 deg.23' E.,4.73 point 13;
thenceS.52 deg.16'E.,4.96 point 14;
thenceS52 deg.09' E.,4.96 point 15;
thenceS.52 deg.01'E.,4.96 point 16;
thenceS.51 deg.53' E.,4.96 point 17;
thenceS.51 deg.46' E.,4.95 point 18;
thenceS.51 deg.38' E.,4,97 point 19;
thenceS51 deg.31'E.,4.96 point 20;
thenceS.51 deg.23' E.,4.95 point 21;
thenceS.51 deg.15'E.,4.96 point 22;
thenceS.51 deg.08' E.,4.97 point 23;
thenceS.51 deg.01'E.,4.76 point 24;
thenceS.49 deg.55'E.,5.23 point 25;
thenceS.49 deg.46' E.,5.40 point 26;
thenceS.49 deg.39' E.,5.41 point 27;
thenceS.49 deg.32' E.,5.40 point 28;
thenceS.49 deg.24' E.,5.41 point 29;
thenceS.49 deg.18'E.,5.41 point 30;
thenceS.49 deg.10'E.,5.41 point 31;
thenceS.49 deg.04'E.,5.40 point 32;
thenceS.48 deg.56'E., point 33;
thenceS.48 deg.49'E., point 34;
thenceS.48 deg.42'E.,5.40 point 35;
thenceS.48 deg.39'E.,5.28 point 36;
thenceS.47 deg.45' E.,4.24 point 37;
thenceS.47 deg.42' E.,4.41 point 38;
thenceS.47 deg.36'E.,4.40 point 39;
thenceS.47 deg.32'E., point 40;
thenceS.47 deg.27'E.,4.40 point 41;
thenceS.47 deg.22' E.,4.40 point 42;
thenceS.47 deg.17'E.,4.38 point 43;
thenceS.47 deg.12'E.,4.40 point 44;
thenceS.47 deg.08' E.,4.41 point 45;
thenceS.47 deg.03'E.,4.40 point 46;
thenceS.46 deg.58'E.,4.41 point 47;
thenceS.46 deg.53'E.,4.40 point 48;
thenceS.46 deg.48'E.,4.40 point 49;
thenceS.46 deg.44'E.,4.38 point 50;
thenceS.46 deg.38'E.,4.40 point 51;
thenceS.46 deg.34'E.,4.32 point 52;
thenceS.46 deg06'E.,4.65 point 53;
thenceS.45 deg.54'E.,4.72 point 54;
thenceS.45 deg.48'E.,4.74 point 55;
thenceS.45 deg.44'E.,4.75 point 56;
thenceS.45 deg.40'E.,4.74 point 57;
thenceS.45 deg.35'E.,4.75 point 58;
thenceS.45 deg.31'E.,4.75 point 59;
thenceS.45 deg.26'E.,4.74 point 60;
thenceS.45 deg.22'E.,4.75 point 61;
thenceS.45 deg.17'E.,4.74 point 62;
thenceS.45 deg.13'E.,4.75 point 63;
thenceS.45 deg.08'E.,4.74 point 64;
thenceS.45 deg.04'E.,4.75 point 65;
thenceS.45 deg.00'E.,4.75 point 66;
thenceS.44 deg.54'E.,4.76 point 67;
thenceS.44 deg.53'E.,4.69 point 68;
thenceS.44 deg.27'E.,5.02 point 69;
thenceS.44 deg.20'E.,5.07 point 70;
thenceS.44 deg.15'E.,5.10 point 71;
thenceS.44 deg.11'E,5.10 point 72;
thenceS.44 deg.07'E.,5.10 point 73;
thenceS.44 deg.02'E.,5.09 point 74;
thenceS.43 deg.58' E.,5.10 point 75;
thenceS.43 deg54'E.,5.09 point 76;
thenceS.43 deg.50'E.,5.10 point 77;
thenceS.43 deg.46' E., point 78;
thenceS.43 deg.42' E.,5.09 point 79;
thenceS.43 deg.37'E.,5.10 point 80;
thenceS.43 deg.33' E.,5.09 point 81;
thenceS.43 deg.29'E.,5.10 point 82;
thenceS.43 deg.24'E.,5.08 point 83;
thenceS.43 deg.16'E.,5.05 point 84;
thenceS.43 deg.00'E.,5.41 point 85;
thenceS.42 deg.59' E.,5.47 point 86;
thenceS.42 deg.54' E.,5.45 point 87;
thenceS.42 deg.51'E.,5.46 point 88;
thenceS.42 deg.47'E.,5.45 point 89;
thenceS.42 deg.43' E.,5.46 point 90;
thenceS.42 deg.39' E.,5.45 point 91;
thenceS.42 deg.35' E.,5.45 point 92;
thenceS.42 deg.32' E.,5.46 point 93;
thenceS.42 deg.29' E.,5.46 point 94;
thenceS.42 deg.26' E.,5.45 point 95;
thenceS.42 deg.23' E.,5.47 point 96;
thenceS.42 deg.21' E.,5.47 point 97;
thenceS.42 deg.17' E.,0.43 point 98;
thenceS.41 deg.11' E.,5.01 point 99;
thenceS.39 deg.00' E.,5.01 point 100;
thenceS.36 deg.48' E.,5.01 point 101;
thenceS.34 deg.37' E.,5.01 point 102;
thenceS.34 deg.26' E.,4.22 point 103;
thenceS.36 deg.16' E.,4.22 point 104;
thenceS.38 deg.06' E.,4.22 point 105;
thenceS.39 deg.56' E.,4.22 point 106;
thenceS.40 deg.51' E.,6.04 point 107;
thenceS.33 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 108;
thenceS.18 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 109;
thenceS.03 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 110;
thenceS.11 deg.39' W.,3.13 point 111;
thenceS.26 deg.39' W.,3.13 point 112;
thenceS.41 deg.39' W.,3.13 point 113;
thenceS.40 deg.52' E.,20.00 point 114;
thenceN.56 deg.39' E.,3.13 point 115;
thenceN.71 deg.39' E.,3.13 point 116;
thenceN86 deg.39' E.,3.13 point 117;
thenceS.78 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 118;
thenceS.63 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 119;
thenceS.48 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 120;
thenceS.40 deg.51' E.,4.00 point 121;
thenceS.35 deg.14' E.,3.53 point 122;
thenceS.23 deg.58' E.,3.53 point 123;
thenceS.05 deg.28' W.,4.62 point 124;
thenceS.34 deg.09' W.,4.66 point 125;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,30.08 point 126;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,20.00 point 127;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,20.00 point 128;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,20.00 point 129;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,20.00 point 130;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,20.00 point 131;
thenceS.56 deg.35' W.,2.31 point 132;
thenceS.71 deg.27' W.,2.30 point 133;
thenceS.86 deg.20' W.,2.30 point 134;
thenceN.78 deg.47' W.,2.31 point 135;
thenceS.18 deg.39' W.,0.30 point 136;
thenceS.71 deg.21' E.,5.17 point 137;
thenceS.88 deg.21' E.,5.17 point 138;
thenceN.74 deg.39' E.,5.17 point 139;
thenceN.57 deg.39' E.,5.17 point 140;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,36.98 point 141;
thenceN.10 deg.32' E.,4.21 point 142;
thenceN.16 deg.51' W.,3.17 point 143;
thenceN.28 deg.51' W.,3.17 point 144;
thenceS.25 deg.51' E.,2.59 point 145;
thenceS04 deg.09' W.,2.59 point 146;
thenceS34 deg.09' W.,2.59 point 147;
thenceS49 deg.09' W.,33.16 point 148;
thenceN.56 deg.09' E.,3.05 point 149;
thenceN.63 deg.09' E.,3.05 m:to point 150;
thenceN.70 deg.09' E.,3.05 point 151;
thenceN.77 deg.09' E.,3.05 point 152;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,21.40 point 153;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,93.21 point 154;
thenceN.40 deg.51' W.,89.96 point 155;
thenceN.48 deg.21' W.,3.13 point 156;
thenceN.63 deg.21' W.,3.13 point 157;
thenceN.78 deg.21' W.,3.13 point 158;
thenceS.86 deg.39' W.,3.13 point 159;
thenceS.71 deg.39' W.,3.13 m:to point 160;
thenceS.56 deg.39' W.,3.13 point 161;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,99.57 point 162;
thenceS.41 deg.39' W.,3.13 m.  to point 163;
thenceS.26 deg.39' W.,3.13 point 164;
thenceS.11 deg.39' E.,3.13 m.  to point 165,
thenceS.03 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 166;
thenceS.18 cleg.21' W.,3.13 point 167;
thenceS.33 deg.21' E.,3.13 point 168;
thenceS.40 deg.51' E.,73.19 point 169;
thenceS.45 deg.51' E.,2.93 point 170;
thenceS.55 deg.51' E.,2.93 point 171;
thenceS.65 deg.51' E.,2.93 point 172;
thenceS.75 deg.51' E.,2.93 point 173;
thenceS.85 deg.51' E.,2.93 point 174;
thenceN.84 deg.09' E.,2.93 point 175;
thenceN.74 deg.09' E.,2.93 point 176;
thenceN.64 deg.09' E.,2.93 point 177;
thenceN.54 deg.09' E.,2.93 point 178;
thenceN.49 deg.09' E.,12.27 point 179;
thenceS.49 deg.09' W.,16.31 point 180;
thenceS.54 deg.09' W.,2.92 point 181;
thenceS.64 deg.09' W.,2.92 point 182;
thenceS.74 deg.09' W.,2.92 point 183;
thenceS.84 deg.09' W.,2.92 point 184;
thenceN.85 deg.51' W.,2.92 point 185;
thenceN.75 deg.51' W.,2.92 point 186;
thenceN.65 deg.51' W.,2.92 point 187;
thenceN.55 deg.51' W.,2.92 point 188;
thenceN.45 deg.51' W.,2.92 point 189;
thenceN.40 deg.51' W.,97.80 point 190;
thenceN.44 deg.00' W.,12.88 point 191;
thenceN.44 deg.00' W.,18.80 point 192;
thenceN.44 deg.28' W.,21.21 point 193;
thenceN.44 deg.55' W.,21.15 point 194;
thenceN45 deg.21' W.,21.27 point 195;
thenceN.46 deg.00' W.,12.15 point 196;
thenceN.46 deg.41' W.,12.12 point 197;
thenceN.47 deg.38' W.,12.19 point 198;
thenceN.48 deg.25' W,12.18 point 199;
thenceN.49 deg.19' W.,12.21 point 200;
thenceN.50 deg.08' W.,12.33 point 201;
thenceN.50 deg.55' W.,12.23 point 202;
thenceN.51 deg.54' W.,12.21 point 203;
thenceN.52 deg.38' W.,11.98 point 204;
thenceN.53 deg.20' W.,12.40 point 205;
thenceN.54 deg.26' W.,12.17 point 206;
thenceN.55 deg.07' W.,12.28 point 207;
thenceN.56 deg.03' W.,12.33 point 208;
thenceN.56 deg.49' W.,12.09 point 209;
thenceN.57 deg.43' W.,12.70 mto point 210;
thenceN.58 deg.28' W.,10.69 point 211;
thenceN.59 deg.20' W.,8.09 point 212;
thenceN.60deg.56' W.,9.42 point 213;
thenceN.61deg.30' W.,15 49 point 214;
thenceN.63 deg.18' W.,12.64 point 215;
thenceN.60 deg.06' W.,5.83 point 216;
thenceN.53 deg.40' W.,5.82 point 217;
thenceN.47 deg.16' W.,0.23 point 218;
thenceN47 deg.16' W.,5.58 point 219;
thenceN.40 deg.50' W.,1.33 point 220;
thenceN.40 deg.50' W.,4.50 point 221;
thenceN.34 deg.26' W.,5.82 point 222;
thenceN.28 deg.00' W.,5.82 point 223;
thenceN.21 deg.36' W.,2.66 point 224;
thenceN.21 deg.36' W.,3.16 point 225;
thenceN.15 deg.10' W.,5.82 point 226;
thenceN.08 deg.56' W.,5.82 point 227;
thenceN.02 deg.20' W.,5.82 point 228;
thenceN.04 deg.04' E.,5.81 point 229;
thenceN.10 deg.30' E.,5.83 point 230;
thenceN.16 deg.54' E.,5.81 point 231;
thenceN.23 deg.20' E.,5.83 point 232;
thenceN.26 deg.32" E.,3.85 point 233;
thenceN.26 deg.32' E.,100.00 point 234;
thenceN.26 deg.32' E.,100.00 point 235;
thenceN.26 deg.32' E.,113.40 point 236;
thenceN26 deg.30' E.,77.25 point 237;
thenceN.31 deg.52' E.,4.14 point 238;
thenceN.42 deg.40' E.,4.14 point 239;
thenceN53 deg.28' E.,4.14 point 240;
thenceN.64 deg.16' E.,4.14 point 241;
thenceN75 deg.04' E.,4.14 point 242;
thenceN.85 deg.52' E.,4.14 point 243;
thenceN.83 deg.20' E.,4.14 point 244;
thenceS.72 deg.32' E.,4.14 point 245;
thenceS61 deg.44' E.,4.14 point 246;
thenceS56 deg.20' E.,41.97 point 247;
thenceS56 deg.15' E.,4.55 point 248;
thenceS56 deg.08' E.,4.52 point 249;
thenceS55 deg.59' E.,4.52 point 250;
thenceS55 deg.51' E.,4.53 point 251;
thenceS55 deg.42' E.,4.53 point 252;
thenceS55 deg.37' E.,4.48 point 253;
thenceS55 deg.14' E.,4:50 point 254;
thenceS55 deg.11' E.,1.28 point of

beginning, containing an area of Two Hundred Forty Seven Thousand One Hundred Fifty One (247,151) square meters, more or less. All points referred to are indicated on the plan and are marked on the ground by PS cyl. conc. mons., 15 x 60 cm., Bearings, true; date of Original Survey, Dec. 10, 1923 - Jan. 9, 1924; that of the subdivision survey, June 10, 1996; and approved on September 16, 1996.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.

Done in the City of Manila, this 30th day of May, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Five.

By the President:

Executive Secretary
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