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[ PROCLAMATION NO. 326, June 28, 1952 ]


WHEREAS, the special session of the Congress of the Philippines authorized under Proclamation No. 320, dated June 9, 1952, will expire at midnight of June 28, 1952, and WHEREAS, the public interest requires that this special session be extended to consider and finish urgent legislative measures;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Elpidio Quirino, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby extend up to July 5, 1952, the period of the special session of the Congress of the Philippines authorized under Proclamation No. 320, dated June 9, 1952, for the purpose of considering the following bills as well as tike measures listed in said Proclamation which have not yet been finally passed by the Congress:

1. H. B. No. 3153.—An Act granting the Philippines International Fair, Inc. a franchise to occupy and use the Wallace Field and Sunken gardens in the City of Manila, to hold, conduct and operate an international fair and exposition.

2. H. B. No. 3145.—An Act exempting from taxes, custom duties or charges all articles which shall be brought or imported from foreign countries into the Philippines for the sole purpose of exhibition or display at any fair or exposition of the arts, science, and industries.
3. A bill entitled: An Act appropriating: funds for the operating expenses of the Board of Tax Appeals and the Philippine Information Council created respectively under Executive Order Numbered Four hundred one A, dated January fifth, nineteen hundred and fifty-one and Executive Order No. 348, dated September 29, 1950, as amended by Executive Order No. 371, dated November 20, 1950, and for other purposes.

4. H. B. No. 3130—An Act to appropriate funds for the acquisition, construction, maintenance, and operation of medical, fire-fighting, crash, rescue stations, equipment and other facilities needed by airports, and for other purposes.

5. H. B. No. 3143.—An Act appropriating funds for the holding of the second regional conference on trade promotion under the auspices of the Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East and the United Nations Technical Assistance Administration from February 16th to 26th, 1953.

6. A bill entitled: An Act appropriating funds for the operation of the National Employment Service under the Department of Labor created in Republic Act Numbered Seven hundred sixty-one during the period from July first, nineteen hundred and fifty-two to June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fifty-three, and for other purposes.

7. S. B. No. 217.—Declaring a national policy in education.

8. H. B. No. 2884.—An Act to further amend sub-paragraphs (1) and (2) of subsection (b) of section one hundred thirty-seven of the National Internal Revenue Code, as amended.

(Re: Tax on cigarettes.)

9. A bill entitled: An Act to prohibit certain activities in connection with horse races and basque pelota games (Jai-Alai), and to prescribe penalties for its violation.

10. A bill entitled: An Act creating the “National Research Institute,” prescribing its powers, functions and duties and providing for the raising of the necessary funds for its operation.

All persons entitled to sit as members of the Congress of the Philippines are requested to take notice of this proclamation.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.

Done in the City of Manila, this 28th day of June, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and fifty-two, and of the Independence of the Philippines, the sixth.

President of the Philippines

By the President:

Acting Executive Secretary


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