(NAR) VOL. 18 NO. 1/JANUARY - MARCH 2007

[ DOTC DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 2007-06, December 11, 2006 ]


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 4 (d), paragraph 1 and Section 16 of R.A. 4136, Section 1 of  B.P. Blg. 74, in compliance with the Philippine Clean Air Act and in line with the Standard Code of Practice for the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in internal combustion engine of the Bureau of Products Standards (BPS) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the following rules and regulations are hereby promulgated in the inspection and registration of all auto-LPG motor vehicles.

SECTION 1. Safety Standards - The device for the use of LPG as fuel by any motor vehicle shall be installed only by a conversion/installing shop duly certified by the Bureau of  Product and Standards (BPS) of the DTI under its Philippine Standards Certification Mark (PS Mark scheme. The shop shall install the device in accordance with the specifications provided for under the Standard Code of the Practice for the use of LPG (PNS 05), making sure that the fill valve is located outside the vehicle compartment and isolated from the Auto-LPG container. An appropriate sticker marked “LPG” shall be posted on the fill valve cover. For each device installed, the shop concerned shall officially affix the PS MARK.

SECTION 2. Guaranty - Any LPG fuel device with the PS MARK installed in a motor vehicle shall be guaranteed by the shop by issuing a Certificate of Conversion/Installation against faulty defects which may cause accidents. Any accident that may rise as a result of the said defects shall be the accountability of the conversion/installing shop.

SECTION 3. Inspection and Maintenance - The converted vehicle shall be subjected to an annual maintenance and inspection by the PS certified conversion/installing shop. The PS certified conversion/installing shop shall issue a corresponding Certificate of Inspection and Maintenance Compliance.

SECTION 4. Registration Requirements - An auto-LPG motor vehicle when presented for registration shall in addition to other Land Transportation Office (LTO) requirements, present the following documents:

  1. PS License Certificate issued by the DTI-BPS;

  2. Certificate if Installation/Conversion by the PS certified conversion/installing shop (for the first year only); and

  3. Current Certificate of Inspection and Maintenance Compliance by the PS certified conversion/installing shops.

SECTION 5. Duties of LTO inspectors - The LTO motor vehicle inspector shall verify the PS Mark, the PS License Certificate issued by the DTI-BPS to the conversion/installing shop concerned, the Certificate of Conversion/Installation and the current Certificate of Inspection and Maintenance Compliance by the PS certified conversion/installing shop. Under no circumstances shall an auto-LPG motor vehicle without the aforementioned documents be accepted for registration. To this effect, the DTI-BPS shall provide the LTO with the list of PS certified auto-LPG conversion/installing shops.

SECTION 6. Applicable Registration Fees - The registration fees of an auto-LPG motor vehicle shall be pursuant to the provisions of R.A. 8794 also known as the “Motor Vehicle User Charge (MVUC) Law.”

SECTION 7. Repealing Clause -  All rules and regulations inconsistent herewith are hereby deemed amended, modified and repealed.

SECTION 8. Preparation of Implementing Rules and Regulations - The relevant agencies under the DOTC shall prepare their respective IRR to put in effect this Department Order.

SECTION 9. Effectivity - These regulations shall take effect fifteen days after publication.

Adopted: 11 Dec. 2006


Source: Supreme Court E-Library
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