(NAR) VOL. III NO. 2 / APRIL - JUNE 1992

[ DPWH DEPARTMENT ORDER NO. 46, April 10, 1992 ]


In view of the rescission of the contract of RGE Construction for the following projects, to wit:

a) concreting of Multi-Purpose Pavement at Balaas;

b) concreting of Multi-Purpose Pavement at Sta. Monica;

c) concreting of Multi-Purpose Pavement at Suquib-Guindahugan;

d) concreting of Multi-Purpose Pavement at Bantolinao

by the District Engineer, Negros Oriental 2nd Engineering District, due to intolerable negative slippage, and upon request of the Regional Director, DPWH Region VII, the said RGE Construction/ Ronnel G. Enario, proprietor, is hereby suspended/blacklisted for a period of one (1) year from participating in any bidding or entering into any contract with the DPWH and its line agencies effective this date.

All concerned are further directed not to release any sum of money to RGE Construction/Ronnel G. Enario pending final settlement of its liabilities in the rescinded contracts provided under Clause 100 of the DPWH Standard Specifications 1988 and Section 3 of Presidential Decree 1870.

For strict compliance.

Adopted: 10 Apr. 1992


Source: Supreme Court E-Library
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